Friday, September 28, 2012

Swan Market Review (aka Best German Food I've Ever Had)

So, an old friend and I began having bi-weekly lunches together a couple weeks ago and for our second outing he was craving German food.  I did a quick Google search and it led me to an old neighborhood place called Swan Market.  After looking at the website I couldn't believe I'd never heard about this place: it's a small, family owned establishment refusing to fall victim to the neighborhood around it - a sign of GREAT food.

They have "communal tables" meaning when it gets busy you would find yourself sitting elbow to elbow with complete strangers. Nice.  The atmosphere is relaxed, and since they are (only) open for lunch there was a nice mix of people: business people, old German folks, casual diners.  Upon being seated I was approached by a friendly woman offering drinks and then dropping off this basket of fine bread.

I ordered what they have dubbed the "German Garbage Plate."  It was AMAZING.  They give a tasting of four daily meats and four sides covered in some delicious gravy.  Typically the sides are German potato salad, sauerkraut, red cabbage, and noodles with gravy.  However, they gave me mashed potatoes instead of noodles, but I certainly can't complain, it was delicious.  Okay, so I'm not 100% sure which meats I got, but I believe we're looking at Schnitzel, roast pork with filling, Rouladen, and...I don't know what else, but that piece of Schnitzel was awesome.

My buddy, Mac-D ordered the Rouladen - rolled beef with sausage, mustard, onion, and bacon with brown gravy.  They gave him a hearty serving with two sides, and he was extremely pleased.  Everything we ate was cooked perfectly and extremely flavorful.  

Oh, also they serve beer and freshly prepared/cut meats.  Unfortunately, we were too full to try the dessert, but I'll bet it is amazing.  I couldn't believe my dad never pointed me to this place, especially since he used to live in the neighborhood.  Turns out they didn't always serve lunch, so he only knew of them for their amazing butcher shop.  Anyway, this place is worth driving out of your way for.  The staff was extremely inviting, the prices were VERY fair ($8.50 for the garbage plate and $7.50 for the Rouladen), and the food was the best German I have ever eaten.  5 stars: stop whatever you are doing and immediately go to Swan Market for lunch.

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  1. Great post. By the way, we not only used to live in the neighborhood, we lived on Parsells. (I looked it up because I wasn't sure which neighborhood that we used to live in that is now a slum you were referencing). - Josie

  2.'s funny that there were two.