Friday, February 22, 2013

Vizzy's Buffalo Review

Vizzy's is famous for their beef on weck.  That's saying something in a city that's famous for beef on weck.  That puppy up there is as big as it looks.  It literally had enough beef for two sandwiches.

Just as important as the beef is the roll.  This roll was delicious with lots of caraway seeds and salt. Also, it was tough enough to stand up to all that beef without getting too soggy.  This sandwich is $9.95 with loads of chips and a pickle spear.  

They're also known for their MONSTER burger.  It's a half-pounder, and it comes with fries for $7.95.  The price is awesome, and it is good.  Oh, and those fries are delightful.  They're the ever so popular skin-on variety that are wonderful with vinegar.

The servings are awesome and so are the prices.  The atmosphere is typical dive bar, which is one of the best.  You can tell how good a place is by how busy it is, and damn, they were busy.  If you're ever in Buffalo looking for great beef, go to Vizzy's.  5 stars.

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