Saturday, December 24, 2011

Famous Dave's Review

As many of you know, this okapi just had a birthday.  Okapis love deals, so I always join e-mail birthday clubs.  Normally places just send a free dessert coupon which frankly kind of sucks: if you're in a restaurant on your birthday you almost always get a free dessert if you tell your server.  A few places give a free appetizer which is a small improvement, because those places usually also sing you "Happy Birthday" and give a free dessert (except for Joe's Crab Shack).  But, the BEST places (such as Famous Dave's) give a free meal.  

So, Fancy and I headed to Famous Dave's and had us some fine BBQ.  Fancy was happy to learn that we were within the 4-6pm happy hour and draft beers (including Sam Adams Winter Brew) were only $2.  A Sam Adams drinking Fancy is a happy Fancy, and a happy fancy makes me a very happy okapi.  We decided to grab the Nachos for Two (not available at all locations), pictured above.  The menu describes the nacho toppings well: Wilbur Beans, Famous Chili, jalapeños, Rich & Sassy® and your choice of Texas Beef Brisket, Georgia Chopped Pork or Barbeque Pulled Chicken.  We picked the chopped pork and the they were goddamn awesome!

The free meal is up to a $15 value, so I could score one of their fine combo platters.  I grabbed the rib tips and chicken tenders with garlic mashed potatoes, macaroni & cheese, corn, and a corn muffin ($14.99).  The chicken tenders were some of the best I've ever had.  I do not give that compliment loosely.  I've had chicken tenders at dozens of places, and these are spectacular.  The rib tips weren't too bad, and everything else was delicious.  I thought it was a little odd that they didn't offer gravy for the mashed potatoes, but they really didn't need any.  The corn muffin was sweet and fresh.  I would recommend this meal to anyone.

Fancy had a combo as well with a half chicken, beef brisket, country green beans, mac & cheese, corn, and a corn muffin.  She said everything was delicious, especially the beef brisket.  They accidentally gave her mashed potatoes instead of mac & cheese which they corrected immediately, but they let us keep both.  This folks, is an example of great customer service.  If every restaurant did these small things, they would have a lot of happy customers.

They didn't sing "Happy Birthday" or give a free dessert, but that's just fine.  I'd rather have a free plate of BBQ than a free sundae any day.  Anyway, everything was just about perfect:  the food was hot, fresh, and delicious; the waitress was efficient and friendly; and the birthday freebie was perfect.  This experience was such an improvement over my last one at this place that I told the manager how awesome it was.  Okapis are equal opportunity: if the place is particularly bad, I let someone know-I do the same if the place is particularly good.  Famous Dave's gets a full 5 stars for this visit, so if you're in Greece, get to Famous Dave's and get your BBQ!

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