Thursday, December 29, 2011

Jake's (North Chili) Review

My parents like to rave about Jake's in North Chili.  First they said that the steak was good, but it wasn't.  Fancy and I weren't terribly surprise since this is clearly a bar/grill.  My dad wanted to go to Jake's for his birthday dinner, so Fancy and I decided to try some pub grub.  I had their version of a hamburger "plate."  It only comes with a single burger, but it's a 1/2 pounder, so no complaints.  The macaroni salad uses tiny shell macaroni and some odd spices.  It was certainly...different.  The hot sauce was good.  The homefries were deep fried and delicious.

My dad had the fried seafood platter which consisted of a bunch of deep fried fishy favorites.  He liked it.

mom had the fried shrimp dinner which looked way better than my dad's seafood platter.  She said that everything was very tasty.

Fancy ordered the turkey club, but received a turkey melt.  She was fine with it, though.  The turkey was a step above deli meat and the sandwich was nicely toasted.  All in all, the food was at the absolute best, average.  Nothing really stood out, and I wouldn't go out of my way for it.  This okapi gives it two stars, so if you're already at the bar drinking, it wouldn't hurt to order some grub.

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