Sunday, January 1, 2012

Year Endeth, Year Beginneth

This has been quite a year for this okapi!  First, I started this blog which I enjoy writing and I hope y'all enjoy reading.  Also, we got that new pup up there who is adorable.  I started law school which was intimidating, followed by scary, and topped off with overwhelming, but I made it through!  The blog survived, the puppy survived, and Fancy survived, so I'll be heading back for another grueling six months in a few short days.

It's funny how life works, really.  You're just sort of stumbling around when you realize the things you really appreciate and the parts of life you're thankful for.  Last night we had to go into the most depressing fucking apartment building I've ever been in.  This pic is from some wiring above the stairwell.  Truman said "I feel like I could get herpes from just standing in this hallway" and a cop agreed with him.  Being there  made us all thankful for our homes, our friends, and even for being old and settled down.

Oh! I almost forgot that we got that fine kitteh up there (She moonlights as a saloon guard) this year, too!  It is the year of striped rescue pets in our household, and we sure love 'em.  What else cool happened this year?  Well, I finished my novel and made new friends.  The Bills had a pretty good run for a while and I started adding videos to the blog.

The year wasn't completely good for the okapi family.  As many of you know our loyal mastiff, Stella, passed away unexpectedly a few months ago.  She is sorely missed.  We hope she is enjoying chasing squirrels and leaping through snow in the big forest in the sky.

And, so we usher in 2012.  I know many of you are worried about a zombie apocalypse this year, so we figured Agnes could give you a preview of the official 2012 zombie dog look.  It will be all the rage in December!!  I hope that all of you keep reading the blog and feel free to hit me with feedback.  You can email me or leave comments (instructions provided on the right sidebar of the homepage) on any post.  I hope you all had a great 2011 and will have an even awesomer and more terrific 2012!

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  1. Goodbye 2011 you can kiss my furry ass, hello 2012, may you bring us teh zombies!