Saturday, January 7, 2012

Okapi Weight Loss Program Part Deux

*Disclaimer: You should contact your physician before starting any new diet/exercise program*

Some folks like to start their weight loss program hard.  They do all of their major changes at the same time: diet, exercise, sleep, etc.  This does not work for me.  Part of this is because we only have so much self-control.  Another part is that when okapis are bad with their diet, they are REALLY goddamn bad.  Can I take down a garbage plate no problem?  Sure can.  Want an Abbott's custard after that (easily over 1 lb of solid fat and carb) garbage plate??  Sure.  Just gimme about 20 minutes.  

So, suffice to say that it takes a lot for me to feel full.  We refer to beginning our eating healthy around here as when we "shrink our stomachs."  (I know we are not literally shrinking them, but it feels that way.)  Working out makes you feel hungrier.  Hmm, so I'm trying to begin to eat less food and work out all in the same day?  This is where killer okapis lose their ever loving minds and things turn very, very, scary around here...

Since we don't want that to happen, I have decided to start week 1 a little differently this time.  The first day of the program was dedicated entirely to deciding what to eat for the week (easier to cook at home with meal planning) and just adjusting my body to a MUCH lower caloric intake.  Note:  I include one "bad" dinner eaten at a restaurant each week and one "bad" breakfast (at Mom's on Sunday, of course). So, no problem.

The second day I worked in my body weight exercises: Have you ever heard of Well, it's a free six week guide to go from doing 1 or 2 push-ups to 100. It only takes 10 minutes three times a week, so I can't bitch about it. Hell, I can even watch TV while I do it, so I have no excuses. The same people who made the push-up site also did the same for squatssit-ups, and dips. So, I do all of them three days per week. I also added chin-ups and since I have to use a chair I just do them in the same amount of reps as the dips and call it good. The different workouts don't have to be in a row, I just have to do them.

Best part about the body weight exercises?  I don't have to leave my dogs and all you really need is a chair.  So, I started those on Tuesday.  I have the first week (of 6 weeks) of those done which is awesome.  Next week is when I will start working in cardio at the gym.  My body is used to the fewer calories and I have more energy since I'm eating better (very few empty calories, lots of water, and fruits/veggies).  I like to layer this so that there is no damn excuse not to do at least two out of three things every week.  Results so far: 2 more pounds gone since Monday for a total of 6 this week (and I already had my "bad" dinner this week).  Awesome.

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  1. I love that pic of you in the mask. You really are like that with the not enough food thing. Though I am too. Put up a pic of the wicked witch of the west and call it Ewok.