Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Okapi 2012 Goals and Resolutions

Since it is a new year, Fancy and I jumped on the goal/resolution bandwagon. Resolution #1 is weight loss/muscle gain, because we made ourselves promise to "get back on" the weight loss strategy after the holiday gorgefest.  So, here we are.  Okapis are not fans of fad diets.  They have no chance of sustainability.  The only time I've bent on this was the EVIL juice diet and you all know how that turned out!  So, I'm back to good old fashion eating healthy and exercise.  

This unfortunately means less food reviews (and no doughnuts), but instead Okapi Home Cooked Food/Workout Updates.  Not as fun, I know, but definitely in the spirit of January.  

But, wait!! Getting healthier/losing weight/gaining muscle is not this okapi's only resolution.  I also have decided to hold myself to a minimum of two blog posts per week.  This is because with school, I have less time to 1) experience things worth blogging about, and 2) blog.  So, I will aim to post more than twice per week, but will make sure that I hit at least two.  Sometimes I snap pics of stuff that I want to share, but there isn't much to say because they speak for themselves.  Take that pic up there for example: it was snapped in the wheelchair accessible bathroom stall at school.  

I actually have two more resolutions (or goals): 1) work on the sequel to my novel and 2) complete the Art of Manliness "30 days to being a better man."  Yes, I know I'm not a man, I'm an okapi, but I do what I want.  I also know that you aren't supposed to have too many goals/ resolutions at one time because you only have so much willpower, but three of these are pretty easy.  The blog and writing the novel are both things I love to do, I just want to make sure I keep doing them.  The 30 day challenge is only 30 days and none of the stuff is terribly time consuming.  So, there you have it.  I will be throwing my workout/meal plan on here this week, so if anyone wants to follow along: DO IT!!


  1. I just had to read about this 30 day manly challenge. Good luck with day 11: give yourself a testicular exam. hahahahaa!!

  2. Nice! I have already had to modify day 2: shine all of your shoes. I have no shoes to shine, so I found another skill on the site that made sense for me and did that: learning to speed read :) Okapis can adjust...