Thursday, January 19, 2012

Agatina's Review

One of Fancy and my favorite restaurants is Agatina's.  My mom had a birthday yesterday, so the folks and I headed there for dinner.  This place has the best damn Italian food in Rochester-there I said it.

Monday through Thursday from 4-5:30 Agatina's offers Early Bird Specials (if you ask for the early bird menu).  Dinner starts out with soup or salad.  I had the house chicken pastina soup which is made from scratch with fresh ingredients.  Delicious.  

We ordered all of our meals from the Early Bird menu, because okapis goddamn love to save money.  Fancy got the Chicken Asiago which she said was very good.  It was vegetables, chicken, and cheese in a delightful sherry wine sauce.  

Do you know what okapis love?  Chicken parmesan, and Agatina's is the best in town (this one or any other).  The chicken is crispy and the sauce is amazingly flavorful.  Do you like chicken parm??  Go to Agatina's.

Each meal comes with a side.  I got the linguini with extra (best ever) sauce, my dad got broccoli, and Mom (who ordered the chicken parm, too) and Fancy got baked potatoes.  

My dad had scallops over rice, which he said was "to die for."  Don't worry, he survived.  He also insisted on placing his broccoli on his plate for this picture.  As a former caterer he is all about presentation.

Did I mention they have beers for $3.25 (at least during Early Bird hours).  Fancy goddamn LOVES $3.25 beers!  A happy Fancy makes a happy Killer Okapi.  The service is terrific and the atmosphere is between casual and formal.  This is a great place for a date night or really any occasion.  Easy 5 stars.  Go to Agatina's.  Go right now.  Seriously.  Why are you still reading this?

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