Thursday, January 12, 2012

Mel's Diner Review

No, I'm not cheating on weight loss; these pics were snapped back in October.  Mel's Diner just opened around the corner from our house and of course I had to go check it out.  Do you folks remember the Mel's Diner that used to be in Henrietta?  The theme is the same: think James Dean/Marilyn Monroe.  I was suddenly excited: could it be the same place reincarnated around the corner from my house??

There were two things I loved at the old Mel's:  the Beltbuster and Wets.  The Beltbuster is that fine lookin' burger pictured up there and Wets are fries with brown gravy.  So, clearly the burger was on the menu, but oddly Wets were not.  Oh well, I ordered them anyway.

Fancy had the Reuben which she reports as being delicious.  The fries were of the extra crispy variety and the bread was perfectly toasted.  In fact, both sandwiches were fan-goddamn-tastic.  I ordered mayo on the side of the Beltbuster, but the waitress forgot it.  This led me to use some of Fancy's Russian dressing.  Best decision ever.

This new Mel's also has Mile High Pies and a big ol' chocolate cake, just like the old one.  This is very strange, really.  I'm not really sure what's up with this whole situation.  Is it the same owners?  Old employees?  An homage??  Who cares, it was as fantastic.  Go to Mel's, this okapi gives it 4.5 stars!

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