Saturday, January 28, 2012

Giuseppe's Revisited

You may have read my last review where Giuseppe's earned a 4 star rating.  I always like to do a little re-review if I get a chance so y'all can get an idea of how a place is over a couple different experiences.  This time there was just Ewok and myself.  She ordered the Chicken Salvatore (pictured above).  It has chicken french covered with eggplant parm.

The Salvatore came with a side of pasta and red sauce.  Ewok said the eggplant parm part was good, but she wasn't too thrilled with the french sauce.  Admittedly, she isn't a big french sauce fan, anyway.  She did note, however, that the chicken and eggplant together was quite good.

The calamari was once again nicely cooked.  However, this time there wasn't even any parmesan cheese to add to the flavor.  Luckily, the sauce is delicious.

I had the chicken parm sandwich and, it was okay.  The bread was a bit stale, and the fries weren't hot.  This was unfortunate, because otherwise the food would have been delightful.  As it was, the food wasn't terrible.  However, since it was cold/stale, I can only give Giuseppe's 3.5 stars this time.  It's still worth trying out, but maybe not so much going out of your way for.

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  1. OMG! OMG! That's my arm! That's my arm! I'm famous! oh, and the calamari was amazing.

  2. Yes...famous. We'll go with that.