Saturday, October 29, 2011

Goodbye, Girl.

Every morning when Fancy wakes up, Stella wakes up too and leads the charge downstairs.  As a watch mastiff she has to make sure it's safe.  Her run down the stairs lets the little furless dogs know it's time to get up and they begin to yap happily in their crate.  

When Fancy and I leave in the morning, we leave it to Stella to guard the house with her loyal sidekick, Pig.  Everyday Stella greets us happily when we return home and barks loudly whenever a stranger approaches our home.  Before I put the little dogs into their crate at night, Stella runs into the room to make sure it's safe for them.  She loves nothing more than protecting her family.

She has several nicknames including Big-a-One, Masffius, Biggius Mastiffus, Stella-Bag-O-Doughnuts, and Black Beauty.  The Big-a-One loves all of our pets, even the kitties.  In fact, she's the first one greeted by our kitty, Steve, when he walks in the house.

I have my own special "big dumb dog" voice for her and we joke about her calling animal control to complain.  "Hewwo, animal control??  This is Stewwa, again.  I'm calling because I think I might be abused??  These humans, see, they won't let me on the couch.  Oh, and they won't give me any people food.  So?? Am I abused??"  

Yesterday Fancy and I lost our beloved Mastiff, Stella.  She was a huge part of our lives, our family, and she will be sorely missed.  This morning the little dogs didn't know to wake up before Fancy walked into the room and our house is quiet and sad.  Although we will eventually get another big dog, we'll never replace our first gentle giant, Stella.


  1. Grandma will miss you Stella :(

  2. I will miss her greeting me at the door and keeping us company on our walks.

  3. wish I could have met her, I hear that it is quite a treat!!