Monday, October 10, 2011

Monte Alban: Irondequoit Review

Ah, the Monte Alban in is just so wonderful. I recently reviewed the Webster location and mentioned how Irondequoit is way better. So, when Fancy and I met a friend for dinner there this week I had to review it for you guys.

The fantastic salsa comes free, and I always add the (world's best) cheese dipping sauce to round out my chip enjoyment experience.

The combination platters are around eight bucks and provide plenty of food. Everything was hot, fresh, and came out of the kitchen fast.

Fancy had a burrito plate which she says was quite enjoyable. Fancy goddamn loves the giant Dos XX beers, they make our dining experience a happy one.

This is my favorite meal: the fried chicken burrito. They are served a la carte, and so goddamn delicious that they melt in your mouth. Everything was delicious and my only complaint would be the service. Although it was better than the Webster location, it still fell flat. This was odd because they usually do a great job. Overall rating: 4.5 stars! Go eat Mexican tonight...go to Irondequoit...go immediately!

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