Sunday, October 23, 2011

Friendly's Dewey Ave. Review

You may have recently heard the story of how several Friendly's Restaurants are closing (none locally :)).  So, it got me thinking about how much I dig the Friendly's near my house in Greece.  It's the best Friendly's that I've been to since my grandma used to take me to Friendly's when I was just a calf.  The thing is that Fancy isn't a big fan of Friendly's (mainly because they don't serve beer).

Anyway, she agreed to go this week and once again I goddamn loved it.  I always get the Honey BBQ Supermelt $9.99 meal.  It comes with an awesome sandwich, plenty of fries, a soda (Cherry-Coke where they add the cherry juice!!), and a Happy Ending Sundae.  Happy ending indeed...

The cheese is perfectly melted, the toast golden brown, the bacon plentiful, and the chicken nice and crunchy on the outside with a soft, tender center.  

Fancy managed to take a bite out of her Turkey Club and throw some of her fries on my plate before I could take a picture, but she says the club was very good.  She also got a $9.99 meal.

For dessert, Fancy had some peanut butter ice cream with Heath bar and I had chocolate-almond ice cream with peanut butter sauce.  Okapis goddamn love peanut butter.  This was a great meal, drink, and dessert for $10 per person.  The service was also fast know...friendly.  This okapi gives the Dewey Ave. Friendly's 5 stars!  Go there, go today, eat ice cream and'll be glad you did.

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