Tuesday, December 13, 2011

My Name is Killer Okapi and I am a Buffalo Bills Fan.

Sigh.  Lately by beloved Buffalo Bills have been on a losing streak.  Some of you reading this rolled your eyes and made a snide comment because in your world the Bills always have been and always will be losers.  I know this because some of you can't help but tell me how you feel about the Bills every time that you see me wearing something with the charging buffalo on it.

This happens to me a lot since I am almost always wearing Bills stuff, because Western NY is split neatly into two piles: 1) I goddamn LOVE the Bills!! and 2) I goddamn wish the Bills and everyone who likes them would go die.  The second group of people consists of: fans of other teams (so their hatred for me and my team is completely understandable), past fans of the Bills who have given up (Buffalo has not experienced success in so long that all of the fence sitters and bandwagon fans have jumped ship), and people who do not like, understand, or watch football (they really piss this okapi off because they ALWAYS talk shit about the Bills (even when we win) in this condescending voice that makes me want to tear out their throat and beat them to death with it.)

Okay, so back to my original point: we are on a losing streak.  I mean, it's really bad.  You see that awesome guy up there?  Yeah, that's Fred Jackson, my favorite player, and "the heart of the team."  He got injured and everything went to hell.  To be fair, it was on its way down, but Fred was our miracle maker.  

As a fan I still get excited for every game, I still read my favorite Bills blog daily,  and every Monday I still wear my Stevie Johnson jersey.  When we win people like to chat with me excitedly about the game, but when we lose it can get pretty ugly.  I have been asked countless times how I can still wear my jersey after we lose (repeatedly) and I always say "I'm a fan whether we win or lose."  This is true, so I have it rough enough right now between our depleted roster, six game losing streak, and the way that our quarterback, Fitz, looks like a man getting ready to die in the gladiator pit even BEFORE he starts playing on game day; so if you "hate" the Bills only because it's fun or you think it's some kind of badge of honor to hate your local NFL team, stop telling me about it.  I don't care.  I'm not going to agree with you, I'm not going to give up on our team, and I'm sure as shit not going to stop wearing my jersey after game day.

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