Saturday, February 11, 2012

Best. Break-up. Ever.

So, lil' bro white tiger was in a relationship of sorts with this guy, Fawkes.  Fawkes is a furry, too.  He's a fox.  Get it?  Anyway, they were both living at our house for a little over a month and lil' bro decided after a year of supporting Fawkes it was over.  So, we discussed this and let 'lil bro know he needed to tell Fawkes the bad news.  We also made it a point that he should tell Fawkes why he wanted the relationship to end.

So, he called Fawkes upstairs and had him sit down.  Then he said, "You know I want you gone, right?"  Fawkes said, "Yeah..."  Lil' bro: "You'll have to call your dad [in Oklahoma]."  Then he looked over at me, turned back to Fawkes and said: "Oh.  I want you gone because I don't like your fucking attitude."   Best.  Break-up.  Ever.  Oh, and the pics for this post?  It's because I didn't know there were hooks under bars for purses.  Huh, learn something new everyday.


  1. And here I thought it was spelled f-o-x silly me of course he would spell it all fancy like that. And yes there are hooks for purses however I never used them because I would get too drunk and leave without it.

  2. It's actually from a video game...I know, how surprising.