Sunday, February 5, 2012

Seriously, Pets?

Something amazing happened around here: the cats figured out how to get through the plastic on our living room window.  First, Fast Eddie (pictured below) scratched a small whole in the plastic when Fancy didn't let him outside fast enough for his liking.  He literally walked over and cut a hole in the plastic in retaliation.

See?  Even the vet realized he was crazy and muzzled him for everyone's safety when I brought him in to get his nails clipped.  Eddie doesn't fuck around.  So anyway, Sandra (striped kitteh in the window) was like "Holy shit!!!  Our claws work on that stuff???"  Three day after I patched Eddie's claw mark, I tossed Sandra off of my laptop so I could do homework.  Do you know what she did?  She clawed a hole in the plastic and jumped onto the window seat.  Then she walked across the window seat to the far end, clawed another hole, and hopped out.

Soon, she realized that the plastic was a force field through which she could claw the puppy.  The puppy soon noticed that her big, square, head could punch a hole in the plastic.  Now when I sit on my chair a nice, cold breeze blows and the striped pets play with each other through the plastic.  Pets: 3  Okapi: 0.

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