Monday, February 27, 2012

What Is It?? (Just Kidding, We All Know What It Is)

These last couple weeks have been super stressful for me.  I've been diligently working on my 25 page brief for school while trying to balance other classes and my home life.

To make matters worse, the tiger pup has been in full on asshole mode.  So, when my car started making a whiny belt noise, I was really unhappy.  So, I called Mr. Fix-it.

Then I saw this fine "sculpture" in his garage, and my whole situation changed.  That whining?  Just the power steering pump.  The puppy?  Bought her a treadmill.  That "sculpture"?  The guy who noticed it referred to it as a carving of a sweet potato.  Awesome.  Spider Lady informs me it is not a self, ah hem, sculpture of Mr. Fix-it as she probably would have noticed that bump by now...Thanks, Mr. Fix-it, this made my week.  Oh, and y'all should check out the poll on the main page to vote!


  1. I was gonna say "not safe to use will give you splinters"

  2. Poll results: 4 votes for dildo; 1 for sweet potato...